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David Fincher and Trent Reznor are reportedly working on a Fight Club rock opera

Author Chuck Palahniuk has been delving back into Fight Club, the work he's most famous for — first with the Fight Club 2 comic, the official sequel to his novel (and by extension the wildly popular film of the same name). Now we're hearing more about another extension to the Fight Club franchise, though like the comic book it's not in a media that you might expect. Over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, Palahniuk reportedly told entertainment reporter Jeff Goldsmith that director David Fincher was working on a Fight Club "rock opera" alongside his longtime musical cohort Trent Reznor. The pairing makes a lot of sense; Fincher directed the original film, while Reznor has provided the soundtrack for Fincher's last three movies.

While Palahniuk teased this pairing earlier this year, it sounds like the plans are solidifying. In a since-deleted Tweet that Slashfilm picked up, Palahniuk also said that Broadway director Julie Taymor would also be attached to the project. Taymor had previously worked on the stage adaptation of The Lion King as well as the recent, disastrous production known as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark — an expensive musical that was fraught with rewrites, production delays, and some pretty brutal reviews. The production itself is said to focus on the plot of the film, rather than this year's comic book sequel — but we'll have to wait until everything is truly confirmed to find out more.