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Logitech's first Logi products are drop-proof iPad cases

Logitech's first Logi products are drop-proof iPad cases

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A week after unveiling a new, more colorful "Logi" brand, Logitech is already launching its first family of products under the name. And while the company says Logi "goes well beyond tech," this first try sticks to something Logitech is very familiar with: iPad accessories. Specifically, today marks the introduction of the Logi Blok family of cases for iPad Air and iPad mini — with durable, rugged designs that are meant to be dropped and withstand impacts from a maximum height of six feet.

Logi Blok

"Our designers worked with material experts to protect the most sensitive parts of the iPad without adding the bulk you associate with ultra-protective cases," Logitech said in a press release. And that's basically true; the Logi Blok cases can take some serious bumps without adding the heft that we've seen from companies like Otterbox. Each corner of the case(s) — they all feature a rectangular design with sharp corners — contains an absorbent polymer that flexes whenever your Apple tablet takes a substantial drop. Logitech has tried to reinforce the corners since damaging them is often a quick route to catastrophic damage and screen destruction.

Logi Protective

The colorful designs hold true to the new ethos that Logitech is pushing with Logi, and the simplest of the Blok cases comes in at $39.99. This includes a free screen protector, though the step-up Blok Protective Case ($69.99) has a proper flap that covers the screen and an "any-angle" stand that lets you position the iPad in various positions when sitting. This case is available only for iPad Air 2, which is also true of the "flagship" Logi Blok Protective Keyboard Case. For $129.99, you're getting a version of the Protective Case that includes a detachable keyboard (with dedicated iOS shortcut buttons). The keyboard snaps onto the case with a firm magnetic connection that auto aligns whenever you hold the two in close proximity. Logitech has always produced some of the better iPad keyboards out there, and this also seemed perfectly usable in my brief hands-on time. All three cases will be available starting in August, and Logitech says this is just the beginning of a big future for the Logi brand.

Logi keyboard