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Pushbullet adds iMessage-like SMS handling for Android phones on Windows

It's only been two weeks since Pushbullet got a major overhaul of all its cross-platform apps, but today the company is already rolling out another big upgrade, this time in the way it handles text messages. The Android version of Pushbullet now syncs your full SMS conversation history with the Windows or web app, allowing you to chat with your friends on your computer as if you were texting from your phone. Technically, you are texting from your phone, but the whole thing is made much easier with the new app update. Android users were previously able to see individual text messages on their PC and respond directly, whereas now they have the full history on hand as well.


This feature is exactly what Apple does with iMessage for the iPhone and OS X, however Pushbullet's new capabilities will remain limited to Android and Windows for now. Company CEO Ryan Oldenburg tells me that he'd love to bring SMS to Windows computers for iPhone users, and he sees a lot of demand for it, but Apple's security lockdown is preventing that from happening. "At this point we don't have access to SMS on the device," says Oldenburg. "We're always watching Apple updates for new APIs and functionality though so if this ever changes, we will be on it right away."