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Watch Stephen Colbert grill Neil deGrasse Tyson on his lack of Pluto love

Neil deGrasse Tyson is one of the best science communicators around, but when you pair him up with a late night talk show host, that's when he really shines. The director of the Hayden Planetarium sat down with incoming Late Show host Stephen Colbert (whose actual show is still months away) to discuss NASA's New Horizons mission and its recent flyby of Pluto. In a new video, the pair giggle over the science required for the spacecraft's trip and Pluto's planetary status. Tyson also snacks on a Klondike bar at some point.

"It's even got a heart, unlike you."

After calling Pluto a malted milk ball left in the rain (ice cream is a theme in the video), Colbert introduces Tyson as one of the biggest Pluto demoters and proceeds to berate the astrophysicist for his lack of love for the dwarf planet. "It's even got a heart, unlike you," Colbert says. Tyson defends himself saying that he was only an "accessory" to Pluto's demotion — an oft repeated claim of his.

Yet he's not backing down on the status change. Tyson says he'd rather demote all four of the rocky planets in our Solar System to dwarf planet status than call Pluto a planet again. That's way harsh, Ty(son).

Check out the science talk in the video above, and also learn about gravitational assists in the context of a NASCAR race.