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The first trailer for Netflix's Narcos shows the rise of Pablo Escobar

Netflix's next major crime drama is little more than a month away, and it's all about one of the drug war's greatest and most dangerous figures. In the first trailer for Narcos, we see Pablo Escobar himself (Wagner Moura) at the height of his powers as the leader of the infamous Medellín cartel. We also see plenty of '80s fashion. Game of Thrones fans, however, should be excited; the series also stars Pedro Pascal, otherwise known as Oberyn Martel, as Javier Peña, a Mexican DEA agent who helped bring Escobar down.

Escobar was once described by Peña as the inventor of narco-terrorism, and, during his reign as the "King of Cocaine," ordered the deaths of thousands, turning Colombia into the murder capital of the world. With that in mind, Narcos is sure to be explosive and bloody. The new series premieres on August 28th.