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Watch a European Ariane 5 rocket launch two satellites into orbit

One rocket launch down (or up?), one to go.

The second rocket to take off today will be an Ariane 5, the main rocket of commercial European launch provider Arianespace. The mission dubbed VA224 is scheduled to take off at 5:42PM ET and will launch from the Guiana Space Port in French Guiana.

The Ariane 5 is carrying two important passengers. The first is the Star One C4, a communications satellite from Brazilian communication company Embratel. Star One C4 is equipped with 48 transponders to help enhance the transmission of telephone and television services in Brazil, as well as expand telecommunications services to other Latin American countries. The satellite will be deployed around 28 minutes after liftoff.

The Ariane 5 is scheduled to take off at 5:42PM ET

The second payload is the MSG-4, a satellite from EUMETSAT, the European organization is dedicated to overseeing and updating Europe's fleet of meteorological satellites. The MSG-4 is part of the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) satellite series and will continually send back detailed images of Europe, Africa, and parts of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean every 15 minutes for use by meteorologists. This satellite will be deployed around 40 minutes after liftoff.

Watch the rocket launch with the livestream above; coverage begins at 5:27PM ET.