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New phones from Motorola are likely coming soon

New phones from Motorola are likely coming soon

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Motorola has refreshed its line of smartphones in August or September for the past couple of years, and based on a number of recent leaks, it appears that it will do the same this year. According to an image posted to the HelloMotoHK Google+ account, Motorola is prepping at least four new smartphones, including updates to the Moto X and Moto G and two new Droid branded phones, including a "mini" model. The picture shows the backs of the phones, demonstrating a similar design language across the models. Unfortunately, few other details were revealed.

Last month, TechnoBuffalo posted what are allegedly renders of the next Moto G, which show off a similar design to last year's model. Prolific device leaker Evan Blass followed that up with a tweet yesterday showing off a variety of colors the next Moto G could come in. It appears that Motorola will include the G in its Moto Maker customization program, which has so far just been available for the Moto X and Moto 360.

As the saying goes, where there's smoke, there's usually fire, and given the abundance of recent leaks, it's likely that Motorola is going to show its cards in the near future. Until then, we'll keep our eyes out for any other leaks of interest.