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Watch the McLaren 675LT supercar get loose on the track in this beautiful video

I'm a sucker for a gorgeous video of a supercar being loud, bellowing smoke, and getting sideways on a track. (Who isn't?) Today, such a video comes courtesy of McLaren, which has posted three-odd minutes of gratuitous footage of a bright green 675LT doing the absolutely silly things on smooth asphalt that it was designed specifically to do.

The 675LT — introduced at Geneva earlier this year — is a hot, limited version of the workaday 650S that gets an extra 25 horsepower, special bodywork, and hardcore suspension tuning while shedding 100 kilograms (about 220 pounds). The "LT" in the name is an homage to the legendary F1 GTR Longtail, the rarest (and awesomest) variety of the already ridiculously rare F1 — only 10 were made, and of those, only three were designed for road use. (One, in dark green, was on display at McLaren's stand at the New York auto show this year, which drew the attention of basically every journalist I saw walking by it.)

675LT gif

Pretty much everything about this video is fun to watch, but pay special attention to the giant air brake — as with a number of other modern supercars, the 675LT's extra-large spoiler can quickly flip skyward during heavy braking to help bring the car to a halt. It looks completely sick in use.