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Amazon Prime Day is taking over Black Friday

Amazon Prime Day is taking over Black Friday


Home is behind, the world ahead, and there are many trinkets to buy

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Amazon has created its own holiday. The company just announced that its 20th birthday party, Prime Day, has just surpassed Black Friday in rate of sales. (We'll wait to see if total sales surpass Black Friday, but Amazon is apparently pleased enough to issue a mid-day press release about its success.) Amazon promised that it would offer more bargains today than ever, and it looks like they were good enough to attract hordes of buyers beneath the shadow of Mount Deals.

In case you're wondering just how many Lord of the Rings Blu-ray sets have been sold today, Amazon has provided a breakdown of the consumer madness:

  • 35,000 LOTR sets
  • 28,000 Rubbermaid dishware sets
  • 4,000 Amazon Echo devices
  • 1,200 televisions

Amazon says more deals of coming, and of course they are, because July 15th will forever be a monument to deals. Here's to a thousand years of Bezos.

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