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Ellen Pao is just hanging out on Reddit now

Ellen Pao is just hanging out on Reddit now

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There's a lot of bad blood going around Reddit this week — but apparently it hasn't kept Ellen Pao off the site.

As a joke, the former CEO was invited to be an honorary moderator of the /r/casualconversations subreddit — and yesterday, to the mods' surprise and delight, she accepted. "I've lurked here in the past," Pao wrote. "First time commenting. Still haven't posted." From there, the conversation turned to potato chips (Pao prefers Fritos), client apps (she uses Alien Blue for mobile redditing), and animal GIFs. "Someone sent me an awesome baby hedgehog gif yesterday, so that's on my mind today," Pao wrote in the thread. "The past few days have been a little less casual than I'd like. Right now, I'm just relaxing."

As CEO, Pao's experiences commenting on Reddit were often met with mass downvoting campaigns and outpourings of abuse, but her turn through /r/casualconversations was surprisingly casual, inspiring newfound affection for the ousted leader. "I just want to say that I am sorry for jumping on the hate train and upvoting all those hurtful posts," wrote a user named awesterdam. "Seeing you make these small talks made me realise you are human and have feelings too. I wish you well in your future endeavours." The sentiment isn't limited to comments: as of press time, the top thread in /r/casualconversations is a post demanding Reddit apologize to Pao. Pao seemed to be forgiving towards the community as well. "So many people sent positive messages or apologized sincerely that it made up for all the negative stuff," she wrote.