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The EFF makes it easier to write to your elected representatives in Congress and the Senate

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched, a new site that makes it easy for US citizens to write and send messages to their elected representatives in Congress and the Senate. Users start by entering their address and choosing the politicians they'd like to get in touch with, before composing a message that will be sent to everyone selected, saving them from having to track down three different forms in three different locations.

The tool's co-creator, Sina Khanifar, says that although advocacy organizations "that can afford it" have been able to bulk-deliver messages from constituents to representatives for some time now, those solutions "are expensive and generally inaccessible for regular citizens." is designed to cut down on the effort and expense of sending those messages, and, Khanifar says, will hopefully remind lawmakers that they "can and should be building sites like these already."