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Philips Hue lights now work with Sharknado 3 and an Xbox One game

Philips Hue lights now work with Sharknado 3 and an Xbox One game

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"Hmm," you might think while watching this month's Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! "This apparent documentary about sharks, tornadoes, and the carnage that happens when they combine is great, but I sure wish it were accompanied by a set of lights that changed color and blinked in time with the action." If so, you're in luck — Philips is partnering with Syfy to produce a special Sharknado 3 "light track" for its color-changing Hue lighting system.

This isn't the first time the company has worked with the channel to provide a light track for a Sharknado movie, but Philips is also using this month to branch out. In addition to Syfy, Philips has also worked with Frima Studio, the developers of Xbox One title Chariot, to produce its first light track for a video game. The downloadable co-op platformer can now synchronize with the wireless Hue system to light up your room, blinking red when enemies attack, and reflecting hundreds of different colors as the game's plants bloom.


Where Chariot works with Hue automatically, Sharknado viewers hoping to use their Hues with the upcoming film — due to premiere on July 22nd — will need to have an iOS device handy to download the Syfy Sync app. The software works by detecting sounds from the movie, informing your Hue lights to set its shark attacks against soft blues, bloody reds, and great whites. The app can also be used with the previous two Sharknado movies and Syfy's TV version of 12 Monkeys.