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HTC's One M9+ is coming to Europe soon

Many of the complaints around HTC's latest flagship phone, the One M9, focused on the fact that very little had changed with the device compared to its predecessor. HTC's awkwardly named One M9+ solved some of those problems with a larger, 5.2-inch 2K screen, fingerprint sensor, and an upgraded octa-core, 2.2GHz MediaTek Helio X10 processor — but the phone was only available in China for starters. It's getting a wider release now, as HTC has just announced the One M9+ will be coming to Europe soon.

Exact release dates will vary by country and carrier, and there's no word on price here just yet either. But HTC and local carrier partners should be releasing those details soon. As with the original One M9, the M9+ will be available in grey, gold, and the somewhat crazy silver-on-gold option. It also brings back the secondary, depth-sensing "duo camera" setup that was introduced on last year's One M8. However, the main camera retains the massive 20-megapixel resolution found in the M9. Despite these changes, it's still very much an HTC One through and through — for better or worse. We'll update this post with specific on sale times and prices as they're announced. There's still no word on whether this phone will come to the US or not, but it wouldn't surprise us if it does sooner or later after today's expanded release.