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China is very upset about a Uniqlo sex tape

China is very upset about a Uniqlo sex tape


Authorities says viral clip 'clashed with socialist core values'

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

A sex tape purportedly shot in a Uniqlo changing room has spurred an investigation in China, the Associated Press reports, where authorities describe it as an offense to the country's "socialist core values." The one-minute clip, shot at Uniqlo's flagship Beijing store, went viral on social media this week, with some speculating that it was part of a marketing stunt from the Japanese clothing retailer. The self-shot video shows a man and a woman having sex in front of a fitting room mirror, as store announcements are heard in the background. China's cyberspace regulator is investigating whether the video was part of a marketing gimmick, but Uniqlo has denied any involvement in the incident.

"We would like to remind the public to uphold social morality and use our fitting rooms in a correct and proper way," the company said in a statement Wednesday, adding that it "immediately" reported the video to websites where it was posted.

The video spread rapidly across Weibo, the popular Chinese social network, and the WeChat messaging app. Senior officials from the companies behind both services were reprimanded by Chinese web regulators on Wednesday, while censors began removing the video online. Beijing police are also investigating how the video was produced and published.

"The vulgar video had spread like a virus online and clashed with socialist core values," Xu Feng, of the Cyberspace Administration of China, told the Global Times newspaper. Xu added that the government will "continue to crack own on vulgar materials online and safeguard the cyber environment."

Social media users have taken a more celebratory stance, with many posting pictures of themselves in front of the store where the video was shot.