New trailers: Suicide Squad, Fantastic Four, Pan, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for

No surprise, this was a big week for big movies. A huge set of trailers came out over the weekend during Comic-Con, all of which you can — and should — check out at our post-Comic-Con roundup if you're interested in seeing the biggest of the big. But there were still some interesting trailers making their way out this week, including a major trio from Comic-Con. You can check out nine of this week's best below.

Suicide Squad

Opinions seem to be pretty split on whether this first look at Suicide Squad is awful or amazing, so let's break it down a bit using what we can safely accept as an accurate measurement of its success: my own opinion.

Winner: Margot Robbie. With just a few brief flashes, Robbie, who plays Harley Quinn, shows that she has more of an idea of what's going on in this movie than anyone else. She's all at once wild, calm, and deeply intriguing. Basically, she's got Quinn down.

Loser: Everyone eating dinner at the beginning of the trailer. This is, perhaps, a necessary bit of exposition, but it really, really feels like they're just explaining things for the audience. Let's hope it doesn't stand out that much in the movie.

Winner: Jared Leto. We were all prepared to hate his take on the Joker. This trailer may not win everyone over, but it at least starts moving us in the other direction.

Undecided: Will Smith. He's playing Will Smith, the hero, despite being a villain. Maybe that's what we want from him — but can it work here? Also, he says the name of the movie out loud.

Winner: Whoever cut this trailer. Yeah, I kind of love it. It's the music and the wonderful pacing in the backend. It works, even if I have serious doubts about the movie itself.

The film comes out next year on August 5th.

Fantastic Four

What I've been loving about the Fantastic Four trailers is that they make the movie seem like it cares about the Fantastic Four as people, not just as heroes. That may break down a bit as this trailer goes on, but there's still enough to drawn me in. Here's hoping that pans out. The film will be released on August 7th.


There's a lot about prophesies and destiny and story tales in the latest Pan trailer, none of which is really what's making it interesting. The film is trying to sell itself as a swashbuckling adventure, and if it can actually pull that off, it'd be pretty magical and a ton of fun. It'll be out October 9th.


David O. Russell is back with another movie starring Jennifer Lawrence. What's Joy about? Kind of everything. This trailer zooms through Lawrence's character's life, from childhood to adulthood, and that seems like it could be wonderful. It's out December 25.

Show Me a Hero

The creator of The Wire and the director of Crash have come together to make Show Me a Hero, an HBO miniseries about a mayor of Yonkers, NY who tried to tear down racist housing policies. It's an important subject, and everything we've heard so far suggests it'll be a good series. Oscar Isaac stars, and wonderful actors including Catherine Keener and Alfred Molina fill out the cast. It begins on August 16th.


Here's all that matters about Sisters: it's a comedy, and Tina Fey and Amy Poehler play the titular sisters. Enjoy. It's out December 18th.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp

Netflix has rolled out another ridiculous promo for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. It's not the funniest thing we've seen from the new miniseries, but who cares? We're just excited to see this cast back together again. It premieres on Netflix at the end of the month, on July 31st.


Nextlix's next series is about Pablo Escobar and the law enforcement officers trying to nab him (as well as other small-time drug offenders). With Pablo Escobar as one of its central characters, Narcos seems like it could have a grand story to tell. Someone please binge watch this when it comes out on August 28th and let us know how it goes.

Into the Badlands

AMC's next series is basically a gritty fairy tale with a ton of martial arts. That's a pretty great place to come from, but whether it can actually pull that off is something this trailer doesn't speak to in an entirely positive way. Still, it's unlike most else on TV, and that's enough to make it interesting. It starts in November.