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This pet lizard lives in a real-life video game, and I’m jealous as hell


Being a human is (mostly) okay. You've got self-awareness, funky trousers, moral agency, caramel soy lattes, the whole nine yards. But sometimes it feels like a really solid life decision would be to just dial down all this tediously self-aware sentience to something a little more chill; something a little more, I don't know, like a tiny pet lizard popping bubbles. Forever. Not sold on the idea? Watch this video and tell me it isn't the future our weak species craves:

I'm not even sure what type of lizard this is (probably a chameleon, right? It's got those weird mitten hands and animatronic swivel eyes), but it's living life in a Japanese video game and I just want to be part of it. Lifting my hands to the endless horizon like I can touch infinity, popping bubble after bubble like omnipotence in lizard form. It's something to tell the Oculus Rift team about at any rate. They could make billions.