Question for Verge Staff


Hi Nilay and Crew,

This question has been bouncing around my head ever since you guys turned off comments on most of the site, and then something that was said on the vergecast (yesterday) made me want to ask: On average, not counting spam (ie work from home & make $$$ comments) how much clean up does each article's comments section require? How many comments need to be deleted because they're too heated or out right offensive?

Nilay mentioned offhandedly that the community has become much nicer in the forums as well as for the few comments sections that have been opened, does this mean that mods don't need to remove as many comments anymore or that they can direct their attention at fewer articles? This is especially interesting to me because I too noticed that things feel/seem a little more relaxed since the [comments] holiday.

I understand if this is a question you'd rather not answer, I'll just assume you're biased again toucans :P