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China arrests five people in connection with viral Uniqlo sex tape

China arrests five people in connection with viral Uniqlo sex tape

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Two Uniqlo shoppers in Beijing were propelled into the international spotlight this week when a self-shot sex tape of the couple in the store's dressing room went viral online. The video has also landed them in the custody of the Beijing police, along with three other people suspected of involvement in the illicit video. According to the BBC, the five people were arrested shortly after the video went online on Wednesday, though news of the arrests only appeared on Sunday morning.

Chinese authorities were exceedingly displeased with the release — and subsequent popularity — of the sex tape. Cyberspace Administration of China, the country's internet regulator, said that "the vulgar video had spread like a virus online and clashed with socialist core values." State censors quickly worked to remove the video from popular social media sites like Weibo. The production and distribution of "obscene" videos is banned in China.

As part of the investigation into the video, authorities said they were looking into rumors that Uniqlo itself had some hand in the production of the tape as a media stunt. In a statement, the low-cost Japanese clothing company denied such claims, saying, "We would like to remind the public to uphold social morality and use our fitting rooms in a correct and proper way." In the meantime, the flagship Beijing Uniqlo location became a bit of a hit online, with passersby posing and taking selfies in front of the store.