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Amazon expands into Mexico with biggest international launch yet

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Amazon has officially launched in Mexico, offering more categories than any other international Amazon website has featured at launch, in what the American e-retailer says is its biggest international launch ever. The site's official launch comes two years after Amazon started selling ebooks via its Kindle store in the country, testing the Mexican market's willingness to buy items online. That market has grown over the past few years: Billboard cites a Comscore report that says e-commerce sales in Mexico rose from $9.2 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2014. stocks products ranging from cameras to clothes, Kindles to consoles, and books to basketballs, but unlike the US version of the store, doesn't sell MP3s through Amazon Music. Instead, the site has a fully-stocked CD and vinyl section, presumably hoping that the convenience of internet ordering will drive physical sales. The company's expansion into Mexico comes three years after it opened Amazon Brazil, another entry into an emerging market with a rapidly developing broadband infrastructure, and a huge population becoming increasingly internet-literate.