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Star Wars Battlefront gameplay videos leak out as alpha testing begins

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Our first look at Tatooine

Star Wars was the undisputed darling of E3 2015, providing one of this year's most anticipated titles in the all-action Star Wars Battlefront, developed by DICE. Today is the day that the game's closed alpha testing commences and Twitch streams and YouTube videos have already emerged showing off how it plays. There are hologram power-ups you can pick up while dashing around open terrain maps, mission objectives that mostly involve murdering waves of Stormtroopers, and a satisfying laser rifle to do it with.

Battlefront publisher EA has expressly forbidden alpha testers from uploading or streaming any gameplay video, reports Eurogamer, but its efforts to expunge all the evidence from YouTube and Twitch appear futile. New videos from new sources are continually being uploaded to replace the ones that EA manages to remove. It seems like the desire to share the experience of the new game is overwhelming any fear of EA revoking the testers' access.