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You'll be able to drive the electric cars of Formula E in Forza Motorsport 6

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EV racing at 60fps

Fresh off the conclusion of its excellent inaugural season, Formula E has some news about the future. This fall, you'll be able to experience the what it's like to drive in the all-electric series — if you own a copy of Forza Motorsport 6, that is. One car from each of the 10 Formula E teams will be available in the game when it's released on September 15th.

While this is the most complete and licensed appearance in a video game to date for the young series, it's not quite the first. Formula E's Renault Spark SRT_01E car was available in Forza Motorsport 5 as DLC content. And WCP-Series, a modding group for the online racing sim rFactor, developed a pretty convincing Formula E mod earlier this year. That one came complete with a full roster of cars and a few tracks. One user even developed a spot-on recreation of the Formula E broadcast graphics.

The Formula E rFactor mod does look pretty great, but it requires a PC and a lot of fine-tuning. Despite those good looks, the racing sim pales in comparison to the graphics that Forza can offer.

Forza developer Turn 10 has publicized 117 of the cars that will be drivable in the new game, but still has 333 left to announce. For the full list, you'll have to check back with the Forza website each week until the game is released.