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The real reason to switch from Spotify to Apple Music is waking up to any song you want

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Bikini Kill's "Feels Blind" is the perfect song to wake up to. The bass line starts slow and even. Then Kathleen Hanna's awe-inspiring voice kicks in. Within a few seconds, she's urging me to get the fuck out of bed — and it works, every time. But even though I'm convinced that I have the perfect wake-up routine, I'm also totally open to trying something new. And now, I can.

Long gone are the days of buying a single song on iTunes

With Apple Music, waking up to any bloody song you want has become easy again. Long gone are the days of buying a single song on iTunes just so you could use it to set an alarm in Apple's native Clock app. And you can forget all those terrible, janky third-party apps that tried — and often failed — to wake you up to songs in your Spotify library.

From now on, your slumber can end with The Internet's "Dontcha" one morning and Lizzo's "Batches & Cookies" the next — it doesn't matter. If Apple Music hasn't convinced you to switch from Spotify yet, the Apple Music-Clock alarm combo just might. For the right kind of music nerd, it's the iPhone game-changer your mornings have been waiting for.