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Reporting from the line to get into the Most Exclusive Website

Reporting from the line to get into the Most Exclusive Website

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As I type, four people in front of me in line for the Most Exclusive Website abandon ship. I'm ticket #199288. I've been in line for 3 minutes and I'm determined to hold on. I get why the others bailed — the site's boastful name is enough to turn away most visitors — but I shall be triumphant.

The website, created by web developer Justin Foley, only lets one person in at a time, and only for 60 seconds. Tempers are short, emotions running high. Some Redditors waiting in line to get access have already cracked, discussing job security, the meaning of life and how to hack into the site (the source code is available on GitHub). The website isn't new, but has captured the internet's hivemind after Johnny Lists ranked it first in a round up of completely useless websites. Most Exclusive Website beat out and Yes, really.

It's been 16 minutes. My attention, eroded by my beckoning browser tabs, weakens. But what we do in life, echoes in eternity. It all comes down to today and I will fight my into...oh wait, the answer is on Reddit.