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Police suspect five-year-old who fell from third-story window was protected by a Minion

Minions, the animated yellow pills starring in the children's film that shares their name, have charmed even the most cynical and ironic corners of the internet with their slapstick efforts for evil. Perhaps, though, the cuddly creatures have been misunderstood. Late last week, Colorado Springs police claimed it was a minion that saved a young girl's life.

According to a report from The Gazette, a five-year-old girl was playing with a minion doll in her room "when she fell backwards from her bedroom window." The young girl dropped three stories and broke her arm upon hitting the ground. But local police officers believe the minion doll, which the girl never let go of, may have padded her fall and prevented a more severe injury.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital, according to police, and has since been released. The minion provided no comment, because it's a fictional character.