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Incipio's latest battery case brings the Galaxy S6 closer to perfection

Incipio's latest battery case brings the Galaxy S6 closer to perfection

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge make solid cases for being the best Android phones on the market this year. Clearly inspired by Apple's design ethos, the phones boast excellent cameras, gorgeous screens, and are frankly more beautiful than any Samsung phone that came before them. But their biggest problems are still their very average battery life and the lack of expandable storage. Case-maker Incipio has come along this week with a new battery case it calls offGrid, and it promises to improve on those last pain points to bring the S6 closer to the ideal phones they could be.

Improving on two great phones

The offGrid is not terribly unlike other battery cases for Samsung phones in terms of aesthetic. While it makes your phone bulkier and a tad heavier, the trade-off is you get 100 percent extra battery life in return. (That should translate to more than a full day of use so long as you're not watching YouTube constantly.) However, Incipio boasts that the offGrid is the thinnest in its class, which is nice to know for those with skinnier jeans. It also has a pleasant matte finish, though it does pick up unsightly fingerprints.


Most important, though, is its storage option, which puts it in the same lane as mophie's Space Packs for the iPhone. The case has its own MicroSD slot, and supports up to 128Gb of additional storage, effectively doubling your phone storage at the highest end. Users can then pull their extra files on and off the device using Incipio's own File Browser app. It's a welcome addition for anyone who misses their music collection that isn't available on today's streaming services.

The Incipio offGrid is available now for $89.99.

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