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Voila! A 20-minute documentary about a small town annually taken over by magicians

When you're smiling...

Last August, The Verge visited Colon, Michigan — the Magic Capital of the World — to report on Abbott's Magic Get-Together, an annual gathering of magicians from around the world that doubles the small town's size. We saw sleight of hand, rabbits, a graveyard full of magicians, three rival magic shops, and more vomited playing cards than we were prepared for, frankly.

We love the video we made for that piece, but there was so much extra footage that we decided to cut a longer version. There's a lot of extra material here, like a visit to the graveyard, a special magic show for the local Amish community, and some extra interviews with magicians. This year's Get-Together is just around the corner, so we're thrilled to share this extra-magical cut now.

Colon poster small