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Nike's popular running app can now access Spotify's huge music library

Nike's popular running app can now access Spotify's huge music library

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Spotify unveiled a new feature that matches music with a runner's pace back in May, and now Nike is unveiling its own take on that idea — with Spotify's help. A new update due on iOS today gives users of the Nike+ Running app (who are also Spotify Premium subscribers) access to the service's entire catalog of over 30 million songs. You'll now be able to listen to music from Spotify right within the Nike+ app, but Nike wants this to be about more than simply picking a song and starting your run.

Part of the new Spotify integration is a feature called Pace Stations, which asks you to enter your target pace and favorite types of music. From there, Nike+ Running builds a playlist that's 100 songs long and designed to push your performance toward the pace you set — and eventually beyond it.

This differs from Spotify Running a bit, because Spotify will automatically detect your pace when you're running with your iPhone and keep playing songs that are appropriate for your current speed. Nike seems more focused on ramping up the music to motivate users and get them moving faster. Personally, I wish Spotify had left this sort of thing to the expects (like Nike), since the app is starting to feel a little busy and is just trying to do too much. To mark the new partnership, Spotify is giving Nike+ a free weeklong trial of its Premium tier. If you're willing to enter a credit card number, you can stretch that free window to 60 days. Sorry Android users: Nike+ Running's newest feature is iOS-exclusive for now.