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Motorola says its new Moto Hint Bluetooth earpiece lasts longer and sounds better

The Moto Hint Bluetooth headset, introduced last year alongside the new Moto X, was a tiny and comfortable way to take calls without using your hands. Unfortunately, it failed in one of the most basic ways possible: it sounded lousy. Now, it seems like Motorola's correcting the missteps it made last year with a new Moto Hint, currently only available at Best Buy. The $129.99 earpiece (down from $149.99 for last year's model) promises improved sound quality as its headlining feature, but it also manages to pack in significantly more battery life — the new Hint is rated for 17 hours of usage as opposed to 10 for the original.

Motorola also says that it should fit better thanks to new ear gels, but comfort and fit weren't among the problems we experienced last year. We'll have to try this out for ourselves to judge how well Motorola did at improving sound quality here, but we're excited about the possibility of a better and cheaper Moto Hint. We're not sure if it will remain a Best Buy exclusive, but we'll likely hear more about this new device at next week's Motorola event in New York City.