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Microsoft Office for Windows can now sync directly with Google Drive

Microsoft has put a lot of effort into making Office as platform-agnostic as possible lately — it runs on the desktop, on the web, on your preferred mobile platform of choice, and the company even partnered with Dropbox to give users another storage option beyond Microsoft's own OneDrive. Today, those options are expanding again — Google just announced that there's a new Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office on Windows. It's a pretty simple tool that lets you see and open any Office files you have saved in your Drive, and any local files that you're working on can be saved directly to Drive as well.

It's not wildly different than what you'd get if you just installed the standard Google Drive app to your computer — but if you don't want to sync your Drive locally, this plug-in should make it easier to interact with Office files that you have in Drive or want to save there. If for some reason you're a Drive loyalist who also loves using Office, this tool just might make your life easier; it should be available to install today.