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The Good Dinosaur trailer captures human-dino friendship at its most adorable

This could be Pixar's second hit this year

Over a month after its first teaser landed, Pixar's upcoming The Good Dinosaur has its first official trailer. From the looks of it, the studio isn't pulling any emotional punches: this thing is stuffed with heart-tugging interplay between the titular dino and his little caveman pal. (They're romping through an alternate timeline where dinosaurs weren't driven to extinction by a titanic asteroid impact.) It looks stunning, too. The Good Dinosaur's November release date makes 2015 the first year Pixar's ever released two movies in a single calendar year, after the tremendous critical and commercial success of Inside Out last month. The latter was kept from debuting at the top of the box office by another dinosaur flick — maybe the studio can steal pole position back with The Good Dinosaur. It's due for release on November 25th.