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New James Bond trailer: watch 007 uncover the truth about Spectre

The upcoming James Bond flick Spectre has a had slow burn so far, with plotless teaser trailers and teasers for teasers for posters. Thankfully, a new trailer, released today, has put some meat on those bones. The second clip shows Bond in Mexico City, battling skeletons, clambering across rooftops, and engaging in his customary car chases.

This is the second Spectre trailer we've seen since the movie was named, and its cast unveiled, last December. The new clip shows Naomie Harris and Ben Whishaw in their roles as the rebooted Moneypenny and Q, respectively, and also reveals who's in charge of the dastardly SPECTRE organization. The movie — the 24th in the Bond series — will make its world premiere in London on October 26th, with a US release scheduled for November 6th.