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Someone just deleted Donald Trump's entire Wikipedia page

Someone just deleted Donald Trump's entire Wikipedia page


The truth is out there, but not in English

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If it turns out The Donald is behind the disappearance of his own Wikipedia entry, it would not be the first time a political candidate has tried to tinker with his own identity on the internet's encyclopedia. But it may well be the first time someone has decided that edits are for cowards and just erased the entire thing in one stroke.

Traces of his Trumpness can still be found across Wikipedia's non-English language sites.

What has become of the crowdsourced biography of our nation's most voluble windbag billionaire? Does the answer lie hidden inside that magnificent hairpiece, or perhaps in the abandoned bunker where Trump's been storing his discretion? Something tells me that Jimmy Wales' crack team of volunteer editors will have this monument to moronic behavior restored before long. If only it were this easy to make the actual idiot vanish.

UPDATE 12:15PM - It's back! See if you can spot the changes.