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This may be the new Moto X

This may be the new Moto X

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Motorola is expected to unveil its new line of phones this coming Tuesday, but tonight we got another look at one of them, apparently the new Moto X. According to the Android Peru's Facebook posts, it has received photos from a leaker of the new phone, which apparently has a 5.5-inch screen and a front-facing flash for well-illuminated selfies. There's also some strange talk of a fingerprint sensor somehow being integrated into the bottom speaker, which Android Peru couldn't confirm. The images do line up with previous leaks, showing a well-textured and rounded back panel and a screen with perishingly thin bezels on the sides.

Motorola's tagline for its event was "XGX," a sign that there might be two Moto X devices coming. Sure enough, over the past weeks we've heard rumors of a "Moto X Sport" that may (or may not, because rumors!) be coming alongside its larger brother. It's expected to have a slightly smaller screen (at 5.2 inches) and of course be more rugged, albeit with slightly lower specs than the flagship Moto X.

Leaks like this — fuzzy details on exact features and specs included — are inevitable in the run up to a new phone release. It might not be the last we'll see of the next Motorola phones, but at least we know for sure when we'll get definitive answers: at Motorola's live event next Tuesday, July 28th.