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Welcome to US politics: first you get doxxed, then you make a viral video

Earlier this week, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump continued his quest to drag political discourse down to the level of an internet message board by doxxing an opponent. Trump gave away fellow GOP candidate Senator Lindsey Graham's cellphone number during a rambling speech in South Carolina, apparently as an act of revenge after Graham labelled Trump a "jackass" on Monday. Now, Graham has responded with his own video, showing him destroying a series of fliphones with a blender, a golf club, a meat cleaver, and what looks like a wooden samurai sword — accompanied by the Winter concerto from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. "This is for all the veterans," says Graham, as he tosses a phone offscreen at the end of the video.

It's bizarre, but it might just be the new standard for American politics — individuals engaging one another with clips and quips online. The video itself was made by the Independent Journal Review: a website that's been described by BuzzFeed as the right-wing's answer to Upworthy. The site seems to rely on the curiosity gap a lot in its headlines, with a sample from the current front page including ISIS Commanders Set Up a Roadside Bomb, But Soon Find Out That There's a 'Wrong' Way to Do That (they blew themselves up) and Marco Rubio Just Smoked Trump and Obama with a Line That Will Set Their Hair on Fire (Trump's not "dignified' and Obama "has no class").