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Better Apple Watch charging stands may finally be coming

So far, Apple Watch "charging stands" have been relegated to carved wood / plastic / metal blocks that require users to thread the proprietary Apple cable through elaborate grooves. It's an inelegant and at times unsightly solution. That's hopefully about to change; 9to5Mac is reporting that Apple will soon let its MFi licensees (as in, Made for iPad, iPhone, and iPod) create products that integrate Apple Watch charging. Specifically, 9to5Mac says that as of this week, MFi partners can now order "sample quantities" of magnetic charging modules.

That's just the first of many steps, given there's no official approval process, so don't get your hopes up for a cleaner, prettier Watch stand anytime soon (unless, of course, you bought the luxury Edition).

Google image search result for "apple watch charging stand"

For reference, this is page one of a Google image search result for "apple watch charging stand."