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Everything you need to know about Motorola's new Moto G

And it hasn't even officially been announced yet

So much for waiting until next week's New York City event; Motorola has accidentally revealed almost everything about its third-generation Moto G — the successor to our favorite inexpensive smartphone. A Moto Maker customization page for the unannounced phone briefly went live earlier today, and someone managed to get a screenshot before Motorola corrected the error.

Moto G moto maker

The Moto G will be available with either a white or black front panel — just like its predecessors — and you'll be able to pick between numerous different color configurations for the rear shell. Accents can once again be customized too, and again you get 10 options there. The phone will be offered with either 8GB or 16GB of storage, and the latter comes with 2GB of RAM. That's still plenty powerful for most smartphone tasks. Sadly the Moto Maker leak doesn't spell out the price Motorola plans to charge for its third Moto G. The current model retails for $179.99.

Moto G

In yet another, separate leak, a retailer has prematurely posted a video that reveals even more Moto G specifications. It's in Portuguese, but the fundamentals are easy enough to pick out. Expect an HD (720p?) Gorilla Glass display, "all-day battery life," 13-megapixel camera, 5-megapixel selfie cam, quad-core Snapdragon processor, microSD (up to 32GB) and dual SIM support, and a water-resistant design. And it should ship running Android 5.1.1. This phone already sounds like a worthy upgrade to previous models — and we're not even talking about Motorola's flagship Moto X. For a closer look you can watch the video above, or check out our GIFs below.

Moto G gif

Moto G

Moto G