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Flickr brings back Flickr Pro

Flickr brings back Flickr Pro


Yes, you even get your Pro badge back. Show off.

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Flickr is bringing back Flickr Pro, its premium service for serious photographers, letting new users sign up for the added features for the first time since 2013. In May 2013, Yahoo revamped Flickr, giving all users 1 TB of free storage. But they also eliminated the old Pro plan, replacing it with an optional ad-free version for $50 a year.

The new Pro seems mostly targeted to power users, offering improved insights and analytics so you can see how many people are viewing your photos. It also brings back the Pro badge, which announces your superiority over basic users.

The new Pro seems mostly targeted to power users

The move comes two months after Flickr unveiled a major redesign for its web and mobile apps that seems to store and organize all of your photos. It follows Google's rollout of a major new photo solution of its own, and Facebook's more modest effort to connect the pictures you take with the friends that are in them. Of the major tech companies, Yahoo is the one offering a paid service for more professional users.

In doing so, Yahoo is making an effort to entice the photographers it has lost to other pro services like 500px and SmugMug, hoping that both new and existing users will be willing to pay for Flickr. The new Pro includes discounts on photo merchandise purchased through Flickr and on your first year of Adobe's Creative Cloud Photography service. New users can sign up for Pro for $5.99 a month or $49.99 a year.

Existing Pro users will be automatically upgraded to the new Pro. Note that new Flickr Pro does not include any additional storage space.