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YouTube for iOS updated to support better vertical video playback

Just yesterday, Google updated its YouTube app for Android to make playback of the dreaded "vertical video" a better experience — if we can't escape it, we might as well get to see it fullscreen, right? Fortunately, Google didn't wait long to bring the update to iOS, as an updated YouTube app is rolling out now in the App Store. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki told attendees at the Vidcon fan YouTube convention that an update for iOS would be coming soon, but we didn't think it would be quite this fast.

The app appears otherwise unchanged, but for when you come across those pesky vertical videos, you'll at least get the same view as the person who shot it in the first place. That said, a reader sent us some screenshots of a YouTube app for iOS that features a vastly different design clearly inspired by the current Material Design trend Google has been pushing. When that new view will come to iOS for everyone remains to be seen — Google's likely just doing some A/B testing right now. The more minimal, vertical video update is out now in the App Store.