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Stephen Hawking is doing his first Reddit AMA next week

Stephen Hawking is doing his first Reddit AMA next week

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Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

If you have some questions on AI that can only be answered by one of the top minds in theoretical physics, you're in luck. Stephen Hawking is going to be taking the public's questions next week during his first ever AMA — one that's going to be handled a bit differently from how they usually play out on Reddit. Rather than taking and answering questions for an hour or so, Hawking is going to be taking questions for just over a week, starting Monday, July 27th and running through Tuesday, August 4th, and then answering questions over the following weeks. The format should allow Hawking to get to a number of questions, rather than having the session limited by his slowed communication.

The AMA is being put together by Nokia and Wired and will be conducted on Reddit's r/science. Hawking is said to be interested in discussing his thoughts on AI, particularly in relation to the letter that he, Elon Musk, and other major technology figures signed warning that artificial intelligence needs safeguards in order to remain within human control. Naturally, the AMA session won't be limited to questions on AI, so expect to see plenty of other scientific subjects in the mix. The AMA thread is supposed to open Monday July 27th at 8AM ET, so get your questions ready.