This amazing Destiny action figure will cost you $190

Open up your wallet, Guardian

Destiny is a divisive game, but there’s one thing we can all agree on: its ragged, gritty sci-fi universe is absolutely gorgeous, and the characters in particular look amazing. It turns out they also look pretty great as action figures.

Toy company 3A is about to launch an incredibly detailed figure based on Destiny’s Titan, and it’s a site to behold: the 12.6 inch tall character features 24 points of articulation, interchangeable hands, and an arsenal of sweet sci-fi guns. It also just looks cool as hell, with red, scuffed-up armor that I really wish I had for my in-game Titan. Even the packaging is cool.

Of course, all of that detail comes at a cost: the limited edition figure will cost you $190, provided you can get one before they’re sold out. A special "Bambaland Exclusive Edition" goes on sale on July 27th at 9AM Hong Kong time, and comes with an extra gun, while the retail version is up for preorder on the 31st.