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The Apple Watch is coming to Best Buy in August

Apple will start making the Apple Watch more easily available outside of its own stores in the US this August, as Best Buy becomes the first major retail partner to carry the device. Over 100 stores and will sell the Watch on August 7th, expanding to more than 300 by the holidays. Best Buy will stock the aluminum Apple Watch Sport model as well as the more expensive stainless steel Apple Watch, but unsurprisingly the $10,000-plus gold Apple Watch Edition won't be on the shelves.

Apple is keeping Watch sales figures close to its chest, but the expansion of retail availability is an important step to spurring further adoption. Apple has already sold the Watch in select department stores and boutiques around the world, and in Japan, for example, stores similar to Best Buy such as Bic Camera have been selling the device since April. "We're very bullish on the Watch being one of the key, top holiday gifts and want to have it in more places than we currently have it," CEO Tim Cook told the Journal.