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The Back to the Future Donald Trump mash-up is too real and too terrifying

Video artist James Montalbano has replaced the grim fictional 1985 of Back to the Future Part II with the grim non-fictional 2015 of the current election cycle. The scene, in which Marty McFly watches the promotional video for the old, wealthy, and evil Biff Tannen, has been altered to feature stump speeches and news footage of Donald Trump. The motion-tracking work is impressive: look for all the detail work done to change the Tannen museum into a Trump museum.

The similarities between Biff Tannen and Donald Trump are well documented, but for those new to the national conversation, Marty McFly's nemesis Biff Tannen makes his fortune in the 1980s off a casino, a hotel, and real estate — along with a sports almanac from the future. In the real world, Donald Trump made a good deal of his fortune in the 1980s from a casino, hotels, and real estate — but no magical almanac that we know of. They also sort of look alike.

Judge for yourself.

Back to the Future Donald Trump

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