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New York Magazine's website is under attack after an ambitious Cosby rape story

New York Magazine's website is under attack after an ambitious Cosby rape story

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At 9PM on Sunday night, New York Magazine published to the web one of its most ambitious and powerful stories of the year, an extended interview with 35 women who have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. Within minutes, writers and editors heaped praise on the feature, but later into the night, it mysteriously disappeared, along with everything else hosted at, victim to an apparent denial-of-service attack.

On Twitter, accounts identifying themselves as the hackers gave a variety of conflicting and implausible explanations for the attack, ranging from general animosity toward New York City to a personal connection with one of the women involved. The magazine's only official statement came at 3:32AM: "Our site is experiencing technical difficulties. We are aware of the issue, and working on a fix." Roughly twelve hours later, the site came back online.

Print distribution has been unaffected by the attack

So far, the attack is consistent with a denial-of-service (or DDoS) attack — an unsophisticated flood of traffic that blocks users from accessing a specific address without compromising the site itself. DDoS attacks can be launched cheaply from nearly anywhere, making them a favored tactic for activists and criminals alike. Mitigation techniques have grown more advanced in recent years, but the sheer volume of requests is often enough to knock a site offline or slow response time for days at a time. Denial-of-service actions are occasionally used as cover for more sophisticated attacks, but the vast majority are simple brute force actions, overcome as soon as site managers are able to deploy mitigation measures or, in some cases, comply with extortion demands.

But while is still unavailable, the story has continued to proliferate through other channels. New York's Instagram account has published pictures and quotes from four of the women, which the magazine's Twitter account has continued to promote throughout the outage. New York has also published the full text of the feature to its Tumblr account, and a cached version of the story is also available through, although not all of the functionality is present. Print distribution of New York has been unaffected by the attack.

12:47PM ET: Updated with to include the Tumblr version of the feature.

3:52PM ET: Updated to reflect the end of's downtime.