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Twitter for Windows 10 gets a new look

Twitter for Windows 10 gets a new look

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Twitter for Windows 8 first debuted in March 2013, and it has been barely updated ever since. Aside from a few bug fixes over the past couple of years, the app has remained the same in terms of looks and features. Twitter is working on an updated app for Windows 10, and it appears it will be rolling out soon. Screenshots of the new app are available in the Windows Store right now, revealing a look that complements the new theme for Windows 10.

It's not clear if there will be additional support for the new quote system or improvements to the general usability of the app, but the screenshots do reveal inline photos and videos for direct messages and Twitter timelines. A refresh button has been added alongside the new tweet option, and the UI has been mixed up a little. Overall, it still looks like this Twitter for Windows 10 app will function very much the same as Windows 8, but it's good to see it's finally getting the update it deserves. Hopefully we'll see the updated app arrive in time for the Windows 10 launch on Wednesday.

Twitter for Windows 10 screenshots