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Boxer launches new email app with integrated calendar

Boxer launches new email app with integrated calendar

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The mobile email app space is highly competitive, with great entries from Google, Apple, Microsoft, and many others. The best email apps tend to do more than just manage your mail — they make it easy to view your calendar, contacts, and file attachments all in one place. Today, Boxer is joining that crowd with version 6.0 of its email app, which brings along a full-fledged calendar app.

Boxer 6.0 introduces a refreshed design of Boxer's email experience, with updated visuals and performance. But the real appeal is the new calendar app, which is integrated into the iOS version of Boxer email and available as a stand-alone app for Android. It allows you to view your calendar right from your email and quickly share availability with others. You can also accept or decline meeting invitations without ever leaving your inbox. The iOS version also includes built-in contact management. It's very similar to the integrated experiences Outlook and Spark email offer on the iPhone. Boxer says that more integration features between email and calendar will be coming soon.

Boxer 6.0

Aside from the new calendar integrations, Boxer email supports a variety of email services and accounts, including Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud, and Exchange. It has support for push notifications, swipe gestures for inbox management, integrated quick replies, and threaded messaging. One thing that Boxer doesn't yet support is a prioritization of messages based on sender, like Outlook's Focused inbox or Gmail's Priority inbox.

Boxer's email and calendar apps are the defaults on Cyanogen devices, and the new versions will be available on that platform in the coming months. Other Android users and iOS users can download the new Boxer apps from their respective app stores today. A free version allows for a single account, while a paid upgrade is available for multiple accounts and Exchange support.