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LinkedIn will finally stop spamming your inbox

LinkedIn will finally stop spamming your inbox


Social network says future emails will be 'more infrequent and more relevant'

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If you created a LinkedIn account at any point in your life, you've probably grown accustomed to receiving a flood of daily emails that, in most cases, go straight to the trash bin. Thankfully, the career-building social network has now realized the spammy-ness of its ways, and it's making changes.

"more infrequent and more relevant"

In a blog post published Monday, LinkedIn said it's cutting back on its email blasts, as part of an effort to make its intrusions "more infrequent and more relevant." Instead of receiving emails for every invitation or group notification, users will now have those updates aggregated into email "digests." The company has already implemented this change, reducing its email output by 40 percent, and cutting user complaints in half.

LinkedIn says more tweaks are on the way, and reminds users that they can always adjust their email settings or unsubscribe from certain lists at the bottom of every message. That, of course, would require opening the email to begin with.