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Moto X Pure Edition will sell for $399 in the US this fall

Motorola is pushing off-contract phones in a big way this year. As in, it isn't even selling the Moto X Style — its new 5.7-inch flagship — on contract in the US. Instead, it's rebranding that phone for the US as the Moto X Pure Edition, which will sell for for $399 unlocked. It's a surprisingly low price for one of Motorola's typically high-quality phones, especially since the Moto X is a pretty powerful device. The Pure Edition is designed to work on any US carrier, but because it comes straight from Motorola, it comes without carrier branding or bloatware. It's even customizable, just like the standard Style. Motorola also says that the Pure Edition runs "pure Android," which should mean stock Android or close enough to it. It'll go on sale this fall from Motorola's website, Amazon, and Best Buy, including in its stores.

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