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This music video from Microsoft is pure Windows 10 hype

This music video from Microsoft is pure Windows 10 hype

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Unless you don't have the internet (you do, you're reading this) then you'll know Windows 10 is launching tonight. Alongside any major release of Windows comes a lot of marketing and hype, but this time it has been slightly different. Microsoft is keeping things relatively low-key with smaller launch parties for fans. That won't stop the hype train from moving as fast as it can, and the software giant is boosting it along today with the release of a Windows 10 music video.

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It takes electronic music from Seattled-based duo Odesza and sets it to blasting lasers, smoke machines, and falling crystal dust all against a Windows logo. It's the result of Microsoft creating a new default wallpaper for Windows 10, and we saw the making of the music video last month. It's similar in style to the original Surface video that unveiled the tablet to the world for the first time. Oddly, Microsoft never used that video as a commercial, and it's clear this latest Windows 10 music video isn't designed for TV either. It's just pure hype, so sit back and get ready to make your CPU fans spin to the beats of the Windows 10 buildup.

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