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How to make fun of metal bands and test for robots at the same time

How to make fun of metal bands and test for robots at the same time

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In the never-ending struggle of the CAPTCHA, things just got a little bit worse. That little rectangle of distorted text, which seems to exist solely for the purpose of making Ticketmaster more infuriating, just spawned this: Metal CAPTCHA. It's a service that claims the solution to CAPTCHA fatigue is to make the codes more metal, which is one of those things that sounds fun in theory but is actually horrible.

Instead of a series of letters and numbers, Metal CAPTCHA asks users to decipher the logos of metal bands. It's ridiculously difficult, because metal bands are required by law to make their logos look like the Medieval Times font if it were carved into a cow hide with someone's femur.


If you're in a metal band, you can send your logo to the team behind Metal CAPTCHA, and they'll get you saddled up in their evil system. If you're not in a metal band, well, just know you'll never have that glory.

Unless you know the names of many, many metal bands, you will not succeed with Metal CAPTCHA. Here's a tip for those of you who like winning, but don't like trying: reverse image search the band logos, then plug and play. Or you can just start guessing potential band names: Craw's Slog, Chopped Pigeon, Viking Pig Spit, and Clown Frenulum are good places to start.