Here's how Motorola's new phones compare to the iPhone 6 and Galaxy S6


Motorola announced three impressive phones this morning, with options ranging from a surprisingly appealing low-cost device to a surprisingly inexpensive high-end device. It started off with the Moto X Style, a 5.7-inch phone that it basically claimed would have a camera that could rival the iPhone's. Next was the Moto X Play, a 5.5-inch device with an enormous battery. Finally, there was the the new Moto G, which has good looks, LTE, and supposedly a decent camera all for a price below $200 off contract.

While the lineup is pretty straightforward — high-end (Style), mid-range (Play), low-end (G) — Motorola's sales strategy is anything but. The Moto G is available widely, launching in 60 countries today, including the US. The Play will be available in August in Europe, Latin America, and Canada, but it won't be coming to the US. The Style will have a similar launch in September. It's coming to the US, but under a different name: the Moto X Pure Edition. The Pure Edition is by all accounts the same phone, only it'll be sold off contract and able to work with any carrier.

These phones aren't all fighting for the same turf — especially the Moto G — but Motorola is clear about positioning these up against the best of the best. It even borrowed Apple's "Shot on iPhone" style when demonstrating the quality of its cameras. In the chart below, we've put together a comparison of how Motorola's new phones look on paper against the two newest iPhones and the Galaxy S6. In a lot of ways, they compare pretty favorably, with big batteries and lower prices. They don't always win on power alone, but that's why it'll matter much more how these phones — and particularly their cameras — handle when put to the test.

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Some iPhone specs sourced from AnandTech and iFixit teardowns.

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